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Interior Floor Repair

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Symptoms of foundation failure can surface in many different places across a home, including interior flooring. A failing foundation can greatly damage interior floors, causing them to sag or even crack. This not only causes unevenness, but also potential tripping hazards in homes.

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Common Causes of Floor Sagging

Sometimes sinking floors can simply mean that the wood or material beneath them is damaged. This would require part of the floor support to be repaired or replaced. However, sagging floors are often the result of a more serious issue: foundation settlement.

The most common causes for interior floor sagging include:

  • Insufficient support beneath load-bearing walls
  • Insufficient support beneath heavy room partition walls
  • Floor joists or main beams that are over-spanned

Floor sagging can cause cracking above door frames, as well as door misalignment. In severe cases, the ceiling and roof can even begin to sag due to the settlement problems. If you are noticing issues with floors inside of your home, it's time to have a professional take a look and see what the problem is. Sagging floors will only get worse over time, posing more danger to your home and its occupants.

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Repairing Damaged Floors

Ram Jack uses adjustable steel brackets along with either driven or helical piles to lift and stabilize damaged floors. Floors generally sag when certain points lose the support beneath them, allowing gravity to pull them downwards.

To counter this, Ram Jack’s brackets are placed in the weakest points of the floor, providing support to the necessary areas. First the floor is lifted back to a stable level. Afterwards, if necessary, new floor beams are installed and supported by steel piles to prevent further settlement.

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Inferior Methods

Using steel shims is a common way of repairing interior floors. However, this method can end up weakening structures, and the shims often need to be replaced over time. Ram Jack’s adjustable steel brackets will stabilize sinking floors permanently—leaving you and your family with flooring you can trust and peace of mind.

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