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Helical PILEs

Ram Jack’s helical pile is a steel shaft with round helix plates that provides foundation support for various types of structures. Axial thrust is generated when the helical is driven into the ground and a bracket is attached to the foundation wall and pile. This allows for the support of failed foundations. Not only are they great for remedial work, but they are also great for lightly-loaded structures. Helical piles are ideal applications for both new-construction residential and commercial projects, given their ease of installation and powerful load-bearing capacities.


  • Porches, mezzanines, boardwalks, and more
  • New construction residential and commercial foundations
  • Basement wall, retaining wall, and shore tie backs

Helical Anchors points

  1. Porches - Helicals offer a variety of uses, and are ideal in lightweight applications such as porches.
  2. Standard Bracket - This helical and bracket installs with speed and efficiency and transfers foundation loads to the pile column to support failing foundations.
  3. Interior Slab Support - After installing helical anchors through the slab, the floor is raised mechanically and supported on firm load-bearing strata.
  4. Wall Tie Backs - Commonly used in the repair of retaining walls and basement walls, helical tie backs offer a clean easy installation.
  5. New Construction - These helical anchors are installed prior to construction to prevent downward settlement before it starts.

Helical Pile for clean installation with minimal landscape disturbance

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