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Timber Pile Support

Affordable Repairs with Timber Pile Brackets and Steel Helical Piles

Ram Jack, a foundation repair company based in North Carolina with 27 years of experience, is now offering new technology to coastal homeowners.

If you own a beach house built on wooden timber pilings, you're aware of the structural damage that can be caused by erosion washout, water damage, and rot. Replacing the entire wood pile is expensive and time consuming! Ram Jack has the solution! Ram Jack's timber pile brackets offer a quicker, more affordable, long-term solution. No need to replace the entire wood pile when only a small portion is damaged. Ram Jack's steel helical piles can be used to repair settled or rotten wood piles, ensuring that your coastal home stays structurally sound.

Call Ram Jack today at (919) 373-3875 or fill out the form on this website for a free on-site evaluation and estimate.

Ram Jack offers free evaluations and free second opinions for Foundation repair, wood piling repair, seawall repair, and erosion washout.

Don't let structural damage compromise the integrity of your coastal home. Contact Ram Jack today and experience their exceptional service and cutting-edge technology.