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Foundation Repair in North Carolina

Foundation Repair services in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greenville, Wilmington & all of Eastern North Carolina.

When concrete slabs start sinking and cracking, many home and business owners think the only option is to rip up and replace the concrete. Concrete replacement can be very expensive and unnecessary. Ram Jack's poly foam injection services can lift sinking concrete slabs, sidewalks, steps, and patios quickly and more affordably than ever before.

At Ram Jack Raleigh/Durham, our polyurethane foam consists of a specially engineered expanding foam that is both lightweight and durable making it suitable for a wide variety of repairs. Our poly foam can be installed quickly without noisy demolition or heavy equipment. Our poly foam is also waterproof making it a great solution for Sea Wall and retaining wall repairs.

Advantages of Poly Foam Injection:

  • Strong & Lightweight – Because of its lightweight formula, Ram Jack's Polyurethane Foam adds the necessary support to a sinking slab without imposing more weight on unstable soil.
  • Adjustable – Our experts can customize the formula to control how much lift is provided and what your foundation needs.
  • Works Fast – The Poly Foam expands and strengthens within 15 minutes, serving as a faster, more reliable alternative to mudjacking.
  • Noninvasive – The equipment we use for slab repairs is less bulky and does not cause more damage. The injection foam goes directly under the concrete, working quickly.
  • Safe for the Environment – The material is environmentally friendly – not reacting with the soil or releasing chemicals.

If you notice sinking slabs, uneven concrete, uneven sidewalks, or driveways, contact Ram Jack of North Carolina today. We handle residential, commercial, and coastal repairs for Raleigh, Wilmington and all of eastern North Carolina.

No more expensive concrete replacement! Lift and repair it with Ram Jack's Polyurethane Foam Injection service.

If you’re ready to get started, call (919) 373-3875 today!

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