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Seawall Repair in Raleigh & Durham

Message from Rick Sykes: Owner Ram Jack Raleigh/Durham

I have been installing the Ram Jack Foundation System in North Carolina for 21 years now and had the misfortune of having a seawall fail at my summer home in Morehead City. The wall had just been installed when it failed due to both the installer's lack of ability to calculate the appropriate load and the use of old technology, which has remained a standard in this industry for years.

Being in the business of repairing normal failed walls on homes, buildings and retaining walls, I developed a way through trial and error to pull my wall back into place. By supporting my wall through multiple tension points I was able to create a more sophisticated and reliable system for seawall repair. Proving the success of my design through numerous installations since this has prompted me to make this seawall repair system available to all homeowners through dealerships across the nation.

Don't do it twice. Do it right. Make an appointment with Ram Jack Raleigh/Durham to learn about specific services we offer or start by calling (919) 373-3875.

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