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RamJack can safely and economically raise homes, using a variety of proven elevation techniques and foundation systems customized to each solution.

  • The process is ideally suited for homes on existing timber pilings in good condition, where the home is now too low per revised flood maps or by local ordinance.
  • The process is ideally suited for situations where the home on pilings is on a lot with limited space which would make a traditional beam and cribbing lift and roll and rollback difficult or impossible, and more expensive.
  • The process is a “Sustainable Solution” because no new timber resources are used, existing ones are simply “recycled” to a new height.
  • The process is far less evasive than a traditional lift because the home is never disconnected from its foundation, it is never moved off it’s existing footprint; therefore, risks associated with traditional lifting and moving a home are greatly reduced.
  • The process does not require the homeowner to vacate the home months in advance or for weeks afterwards. Where local officials and utilities are cooperative, homeowners need only vacate a week or two, instead on months.
  • The Sandy Bracket helical system offers a tight, secure foundation, especially when connected with a grade beam, which offers greater “sway mitigation” and peace-of-mind on windy days, compared to homes elevated on timber pilings. (Due to sway, FEMA does not recommend homes be elevated higher than 10’ on timber).
  • Ram Jack offers competitive EZ-Pay financing up to $45,000 for qualified customers. Using the Sandy Bracket system RamJack is able to begin the process promptly with interested homeowners.
  • Flood Insurance rates are rising and all new policies and renewals after April 1, 2015 will see increases. Homes below the prescribed base flood elevation (BFE) will see the highest rates. Homes at or above the BFE will see lower premiums.
  • The patent pending Ram Jack Sandy Bracket system uses only American made steel products, and is approved by the International Construction Code (ICC) for its quality and durability.

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    4122 Bennett Memorial Rd, Ste 304 Durham, NC 27705
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