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My name is Rick Sykes, owner of Ram Jack Foundation Solutions here on the eastern half of NC. Mark Beckham is the owner/operator of the western half. Both of our companies install the State of the Art Ram Jack products as well as many different applications as it relates to the needs of the customer or the engineered design of repair. We feel it’s very important that we supply all engineers with the most up to date product line along with all engineering data that gives all capacities as it correlates to each installation. Most importantly for us to be in compliance with the requirements of the NC Board of Engineers, all foundation related design of repairs has to be of the opinion of a NC Professional Engineer. My estimators will provide a very detailed example of the foundations issues, along with elevations and pictures in order for the engineer to formulate his own opinion and the correct design of repair. With this being said, it’s very important to us for you to click on our Engineer Web section and become a frequent user of all of our technical data that Ram Jack has available. At this time you will automatically be on our engineers list where we can up date you on new and innovative ideas as well as case studies.

Again, thanks for considering Ram Jack for your next design options, whether it is for existing repairs or pre-construction applications.

Rick Sykes

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