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Micro Piles

Another system in Ram Jack West’s suite of foundation options are micro piles, also known as mini-piles by some. Micro piles are especially useful for underpinning an existing foundation that has become either unstable or structurally unsound enough to support its intended load.


  • Ram Jack has the specialized equipment, trained crews and experience from other commercial projects to be your source for micro pile installation in a variety of applications. In addition to underpinning, we can also install micro piles in bridge foundations, transmission towers, retaining walls and a variety of other applications.

  • Our micro pile applications require a small “footprint” for the equipment required to install them, making them a perfect candidate for tight spaces, difficult access or environmentally sensitive areas that still require high yield bearing capacity.

  • Ram Jack has multiple drills that can install plumb and battered micro piles where deep installations are a necessity. We also have the versatility to combine micro piles with other foundation applications on the same project, such as driven piling or helical piers.

  • We’ve successfully installed micro piles in some very challenging geographic locations, on the side of hills, in very constrained work areas and where minimizing environmental impacts have been a key factor. When you think micro piles for your next project, think Ram Jack West. Our skilled crews and specialized equipment will get your job done quickly, economically and with minimal downstream environmental impacts.

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