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Grading & Sloping in Pittsburgh

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Ram Jack offers professional grading services to improve the soil around your home, ensuring proper elevation and efficient water runoff. Whether done by hand or with a skid steer, our experts will create the necessary slope and pack the soil to prevent settlement and erosion, keeping your basement and foundation dry.

Why You Should Repair It Now?

Proper grading redirects water away from your structure, preventing foundation issues. Our skilled team in Pittsburgh employs manual or skid steer grading techniques for optimal results, complemented by French drains if necessary.

Improve Grading: Ram Jack for Proper Water Runoff

  • Effective Water Runoff
  • Prevent Foundation Issues
  • Skilled Grading Techniques
  • Optimal Results
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At our Pittsburgh location, customer satisfaction takes top priority, and we demonstrate this by offering lifetime limited warranty coverage. we go the extra mile to provide customers peace of mind by installing steel piles specifically designed to remain stable. If you have concerns about foundation movement, our dedicated dealers will promptly inspect, adjust, or replace a pile and its associated bracket as necessary. Moreover, we will thoroughly assess your property for any signs of soil movement beyond their previous work.
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Grading & Sloping Services in Pittsburgh


Grading and sloping are necessary when the elevation of a structure is below the grade of the existing soil or landscaping. In other words: it's important to ensure that surface water flows away—and not towards—your home. Improper grading can allow water to pool in your yard and around your foundation, leading to potential problems down the road.

If you believe that water is collecting around your home, you are at risk for serious basement leakage or foundation damage. Ram Jack has been providing high-quality foundation repair and drainage services to homeowners for more than 40 years. Our Pittsburgh foundation consultants are prepared to assess your property and ensure that your home does not sit at a vulnerable low point.

Remedy your property before leaks occur. Call us today at (412) 906-4295 to request a professional estimate from our Ram Jack team.

*Please contact our Pittsburgh location to learn if we offer this specialized service.

Ram Jack Grading Services

Ram Jack reworks the soil around your home so that the structure is above the existing elevation. At times, external soils must be brought in to achieve proper grade. Adding these soils will ensure that water flows away from your structure, helping to prevent foundation issues. Our installers use two methods of improving grading: skid steer or by hand.

  • By-hand grading is simply the manual piling and leveling of new soil in the places we have determined are susceptible to water runoff.
  • Larger grading jobs may require a skid steer, a tractor-like vehicle that is used to level wider areas of soil and ensure that it is sufficiently packed into the ground to prevent settlement and erosion.

If needed, grading and sloping can be used in conjunction with French drains to ensure reliable drainage. Whatever condition your yard is currently in, our specialists at Ram Jack are ready to provide you options and, if necessary, implement the grading solutions your yard needs to keep your basement and foundation dry for years to come.

Ready to discuss custom solutions with our team? Contact our Pittsburgh Location to learn about specific commercial services we offer or start by calling (412) 906-4295.

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