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House Lifting Services in Panama City

Are you stuck between a rock and an unstable foundation? Pardon the pun, but our team at Ram Jack Florida - Panama City knows many homeowners are dealing with structural leaks that need repairing or a foundation that needs to be leveled. We’re the team in Panama City to assist you with lifting your home to remedy leaks and prevent water damage.

Our experienced home lifting specialists will discuss the height at which your home should be elevated (from at least 4 inches to 8 feet), the cost and labor, the completion schedule, and more. We follow strict building codes to ensure we provide an adequate amount of foundation exposure to get the job done so that we can help you protect your home against flooding and structural damage for decades to come.

Call (855) 661-3286 for more information about house lifting in Panama City today.

4 Reasons You May Need Your Home Raised

1. Flood and Wind Protection

Homeowners living on a floodplain likely experience constant fear of irreparable foundation damage whenever heavy rain rolls in. We provide FPE (flood protection elevation) to raise your home and place it on helical piles to significantly reduce catastrophic flooding and mold growth and provide greater sway mitigation on extremely windy days.

2. Foundation Repair

Cracking and settling issues may require the assistance of one of our house-raising professionals to suggest solutions that work best for your situation. We can help restore your foundation to help prevent significant future issues and secure your structural system long-term.

3. Floorplan Expansion

Suppose you want to add more headspace to your basement to turn it into liveable space that can increase the value of your home. House lifting is ideal for increasing space without completely demolishing the foundation.

4. Lower Flood Insurance Costs

Did you know that lifting your home can help prevent flooding and potentially lower flood insurance costs? Taking the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of a devastating flood will keep your insurance provider from shelling out thousands of dollars on the backend for flood damage repairs.

Whether you have a slab-on-grade foundation or crawlspace foundation, our Panama City house lifting professionals are ready to help you protect your home.

Contact us or call (855) 661-3286 to get started partnering with our contractors today.