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Stabilization Solutions for Unstable Soil Conditions

Sinkhole formation is usually takes place when soil collapses into gaps formed from dissolving bedrock or limestone. Sinkholes are common in Florida because of the state's unique geology. The porous limestone that makes up much of the bedrock is constantly being dissolved by circulating groundwater.

If your home or business is beginning to suffer damage or danger due to the presence of a sinkhole, our foundation repair contractors have the solutions you need to resolve the problem. Compaction grouting and steel piling installation are often the best methods for filling the gaps, stabilizing the soil, and securing the structure to bedrock.

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Stabilizing Soil with Compaction Grouting

Proper application of grout/cement is essential for this method to work. If grouting is pumped into the cavity underneath your structure without careful application, all of it can be simply swept away in the underlying aquifer. This can be an incredibly wasteful process and potentially damaging to the wildlife and fish in neighboring streams.

Our team of professional sinkhole repair contractors in Panama City understand how to pump group into lower soil layers to achieve proper compaction. Soil density is increased layer after layer until the stabilization, densification, and void filling is complete.

Structural Support with Steel Pile Installation

For structures that have sunk or that no longer rest on a secure foundation, steel pile installation is the way to anchor the building to bedrock. Grout pumped through the piers ensures that the soil is solidified around the pile and the bedrock.

Injecting compact grouting to stabilize soil along with installing steel piles for foundation support is one of the most effective and efficient ways to resolve a sinkhole problem.

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