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Egress Window Installation in Omaha

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Do you need or want to upgrade your home’s cellar or basement with a new egress window? The project is not one you should attempt yourself or to a general contractor. Whenever you are working with a part of your home sunk into the ground or involving the foundation, you should only allow a professional to complete the job.

Ram Jack is the trusted name throughout Omaha and the surrounding region for egress window installations. Whether you want to add one egress window or several, we can get the project done on time and on budget thanks to our advanced industry experience and expertise.

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Egress Windows Add to Home Security

In 2012, Nebraska adopted the International Residential Code (IRC), which requires that any basement converted to include a living space have at least one emergency exit aside from any staircases or exterior doors. A smart way to comply with the IRC is by adding egress windows throughout your basement. Our professionals from Ram Jack would be happy to walk your basement or cellar with you to identify where egress windows should be added to maximize your home’s safety and to comply with the IRC.

IRC regulations for basement escape paths include:

  • Minimum clear width of 20” around the opening.
  • Minimum clear height of 24” around the opening.
  • Minimum clear opening of 5’ squared.
  • Maximum height above basement floor of 44”.

Some egress windows simply allow you to leave your basement through it in case of an emergency. Other designs incorporate steps built into the bulwark that keeps the ground and soil away from the egress window. Evacuating using such an egress window is even easier and highly recommended if you have elders or children in your home.

Increase Your Home’s Value with Egress Windows

Adding egress windows throughout your cellar is also a good way to improve the value of your home, assuming you allow our professionals to complete the project correctly. Egress windows let ample light into a once-drab basement. They can also create design accents, further making the basement a comfortable living space. When you are selling your home, the more living spaces you can advertise, the better.

Our Omaha egress window installation experts are trained to install egress windows correctly and without unnecessary delays. We will usually excavate the land around the planned egress window with manual tools like shovels and trowels to minimize causing any damage to the surrounding landscape and the home. Once the opening is created and the bulwark is installed, we can work on the window, which we seal tightly to prevent water intrusion when it rains.

By the time we are done, we are certain you will be impressed and happy with our work and so will any future buyers!

Improve your Omaha home with basement egress windows. Call us at (402) 281-9621 to arrange a service.