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A critical piece of any water proofing system is the sump pump. Regardless of the waterproofing system installed, if the sump pump fails, there will be water in the basement.

The sump pump is the heart of the system, and the final stage in evacuating water from your basement. Your basement deserves the heart of a Champion Sump Pump.Champion sump pump

The Champion Sump System features the most reliable pump on the market. Our Champion primary pump is a 1/3rd hp cast iron pump. It’s one of the most energy efficient pumps on the market without sacrificing any pumping capacity. The 1/3rd hp Champion pumps 2,400 gallons of water per hour, at a 10’ head, while drawing only 4 amps of electricity. The Champion 1/2 hp pump is also available for high water conditions that require increased pumping capacities. The 1/2 hp Champion pumps an incredible 5,460 gallons of water per hour. It can pass up to 1 ½” solids and runson an energy efficient 8.5 amps of electricity. The Champion Sump Liner is a strong, durable basin with a sealed lid that can hold up to 250 lbs of weight. Our sturdy air tight sump lid will protect your family from dangerous soil gasses such as radon. In addition the strong lid will keep young children or animals from falling into the basin. The Champion Sump Liner is perforated and surrounded with stone to allow hydrostatic pressure from under the floor to enter the sump basin more quickly. You can rely on the Champion Sump Pump System to protect your basement from flooding. Our primary pumps are truly the champions of the industry.

BATTERY BACKUP PUMPSBattery backup pumps

The Champion Sump System wouldn't be complete without a battery backup sump pump. It is extremely important to have a second battery operated pump in the sump liner in case of mechanical failure or a power outage. RamJack of Louisville carries a full line of the best battery backup pumps to solve this issue. The Storm Pro 2100 is a strong, reliable 12 volt DC power backup option for your Champion Sump System. With a high quality, maintenance free battery,the Storm Pro 2100 will pump up to 11,000 gallons of water on one full battery charge. It can pump up to 2,100 gallons of water an hour with its heavy duty motor, and its adjustable float switch allows you to control the pump cycling. The Champion Sump System is not complete without an underground sump discharge line. Your sump pump discharge line can be buried underground and directed away from the house. The water expelsout of a flip top bubbler pot that blends in perfectly with the lawn. A high water alarm is an integral feature in protecting your basement from flooding. It is the last line of defense in alerting you of a potential problem before disaster hits.You can rest easy with the peace of mind that your valuable basement space will stay dry with our complete Champion Sump System.

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