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Seven Sneaky Signs of Foundation Failure

Seven Sneaky Ways Your House Signals Foundation Failure

Ever hear a creak or a groan or see small cracks around windows, doorways and in the mortar around your home and think 'no big deal, that's just the house settling'?

Every house settles, you tell yourself. You think there's nothing you can do about it and so you ignore the obvious signs and learn to live with them, Until...

Every week at Ram Jack of Louisville we get calls from people who have put off having their foundations checked out. Some have issues they can no longer ignore, some are selling their homes and realize buyers won't consider those sticking windows and loose bricks just part of the home's native charm.

But sometimes people don't call to have their foundations evaluated because the signs are misleading or are easily missed. Even if you don't see large cracks in your foundation, stair stepping cracks in your bricks, doors and windows that don't fit as they should, there may be some signs you're overlooking.

1)Open Doors

If you find yourself muttering, doesn't anyone know how to close a closet door in this house over and over, the culprit may not be your family, but your foundation. Interior doors that tend to drift open or remain open even after you give them a swift shove to close them can be a sign that the foundation is failing.

2)Money Down The Drain

Water bill rising higher than the rising utility rates? Movement in your foundation can cause small plumbing issues that can cause small leaks in toilets or even in the exterior pipes of your home.

3)Draft Dodging

If a nagging draft in your home sends you searching to see what door or window is open but you can't find the culprit, your foundation issues may be to blame. When doors and windows no longer sit properly, small cracks or broken seals can lead to chilling results.

4)Stop that Drop and Roll

Ever drop an aspirin or earring or a screw in your kitchen and look at the spot where it should have landed only to find it has rolled away (often under something difficult to move or that requires you to crawl around on the floor to find it!)? An uneven floor can be a sign that something is going on under your floorboards that requires an expert evaluation.

5)You Can't Blame The Dog

Not every strange odor in your home can be accounted for, but if you have a persistent moldy or musty smell, often coming from your basement or crawlspace, then you have cause for concern. You may not find the water intrusion but foundation shifting may have allowed dampness to seep into your home without causing an actual flood.

6)The Ants Go Marching...

Ants can be an issue in any home. But if you find them in unexpected places or find you have a major problem with them, check the doorways and windows and still can't see how they are invading your home you may have cracks in your home caused by foundation issues.

7)How Does Your Garden Grow?

You have the prettiest landscaping on the block! Whether you planned it that way or not, if the greenery closest to your foundation is thriving, you may have water drainage issues (or be watering your foundation as well as your garden) that can show up as foundation issues over time.

Your foundation is the key to keeping your home in tip top shape. When it becomes fatigued or fails, your house will tell you in many, sometimes surprising ways. Don't wait until it becomes a problem, watch for the signs and if you see them, call an expert. Call Ram jack of Louisville (502) 804-2790 or find us at Ram Jack LouisvilleĀ for a free Homeowner's Evaluation today!