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What's in a Name?

It isn't uncommon for customers to use the terms "piers" and "beams" interchangeably. This can cause some confusion on our end, as the two words indicate vastly different problems...and vastly different repairs.

If you've ever been confused about beams vs piers, read on to find out more! HINT: It just comes down to which way your foundation is moving.


Piers come in many shapes and sizes, but they all are used to stop and, in some cases, correct vertical wall movement. When unstable soil causes a foundation to drop, piers are driven past the problem area to where a building can be supported.

In most cases, piers are installed underneath a building from the outside. Once the repair is finished, there is not usually any sign that work was done.

Click here to watch a video on pier installation.


Beams (also called Wall Restraints) are a very common repair used when a wall ismoving horizontally. This includes leaning and bowing.

Unless there are special considerations, beams are typically floor-to-ceiling lengths of steel placed in 4- or 6-foot spans across a wall. Unless a basement is later finished, beams are a visible repair.

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