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Foundation Inspections in Kansas City

Evaluate the Damage with Foundation Repair Contractors

A home’s foundation can tell you a lot about its overall usability. If a foundation is in great condition, you can live comfortably without any second thoughts about what dramatic events could happen to your humble abode down the road. But sometimes, foundation problems aren’t easy to see. This is especially for Kansas City residents. Due to the area’s relatively flat landscapes, a lot of people tend to think that foundations are the least of their worries. But once a home reaches an older age, its foundation could be at a major risk.

This is why Spartan Ram Jack offers a professional foundation inspection for all Kansas City homeowners. It’s critical to get out ahead of the problem.

For more information about foundation inspections in Kansas City, call (816) 307-1036 today!

Evaluating the Health of Your Home's Foundation

A foundation inspection can predict the future for your home’s health. Sometimes the largest cracks in a foundation aren’t visible to its own residence. That’s why our team is here for you. Let’s take a look at a few of the aspect of our foundation inspection process:

Interior inspection – we’ll make sure our team covers all the spots inside your home that could mean your foundation is at risk. This includes certain items like uneven floorboards, cracked walls, and a deep evaluation of the basement area (if applicable).

Exterior inspection – Once we’ve assessed the home’s foundation from the inside, we’ll walk around the perimeter of the property from the outside. This will give us a better idea of how the home is holding up when it comes to the effects of weather. Our team will be able to assess certain hotspots where cracks can indicate a compromised foundation.

Final assessment – once we’ve finished observing and analyzing your home’s current state, we’ll be able to give you a final assessment of your home’s foundation. Think of this as a report card. We’ll be able to convey the areas we think your home needs some help while also showing you the areas your house has a strong foundation. The good news? You won’t have any homework to do. Leave that to us!

When to Call a Professional If You See Cracks Around Your Home Foundation

Immediately. While most cracks in your home’s foundation may not pose an immediate threat, it’s better to be safe than sorry. As previously mentioned, Ram Jack will be able to tell you whether the cracks pose a dangerous threat or not right away.

Some cracks in a foundation are normal due to natural settling over time. However, cracks can also indicate severe foundation movement that could be de-stabilizing your entire home. Cracks that move in a horizontal or diagonal direction are usually signs of trouble.

Early Signs of a Cracked Foundation

It’s important to keep a few things in mind when it comes to foundation inspection in Kansas City. Ram Jack inspection professionals can assist any homeowner with the notes of what to look for. If you’re curious about something suspicious, it’s better to reach out and have us take a look at it now than to put it off for later. Here are few early signs of a cracked foundation:

Doors out of place – Have you ever gone to close the bathroom door and it doesn’t quite close all the way? You then replace the door screws, adjust them, but it still doesn’t line up. Well, it could be a sign that your foundation is uneven. The imbalance of a foundation can cause doors to not work properly due to the uneven surface below the door.

Tile cracks – most in-home tile is pretty sturdy. Even though many people might think tile itself is susceptible to cracking after many years, it could also be a sign of your home’s poor foundation. Much like the door, this is due to the uneven surface below forcing the title to push against itself and crack. Kind of like how canyons are formed on the earth’s surface.

Leaning walls – obviously a leaning wall is the sign of something bad. But sometimes these leaning walls aren’t completely obvious to the daily line of sight. Walls can lean just a smidge to where it’s not all that noticeable. So the next time you go to adjust the artwork behind your couch, take a look at the wall and make sure it lines up straight. If not your foundation could be trying to send for help.

For more information on scheduling your foundation inspection, contact the team at Spartan Ram Jack today!

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