Water Problems

Foundation Issues Caused by Water

Kansas City Foundation Repair

Our recommendation is to always start from the outside for obvious or "maintenance" sources such as gutters, downspouts, or poor grading; but if everything is in order and leaks persist Spartan Ram Jack has cost effective, efficient ways to resolve different leaking issues.

Crack Repair

Is a fast efficient way to stop water leaks from specific cracks. Material is pressure injected through the entire thickness of the wall to form a water tight seal. Urethane injections are typically a two part component that mix and expand into the crevices, capillary cracks, and micro fissures of concrete to form a water tight compression seal. Because urethane remains flexible after curing, this is an ideal material for the Kansas City area's seasonal changes, which causes soil movement and stress on your foundation.

Interior Drainage Systems

Are designed to collect leaking water before it comes onto the floor and damages the contents of your home or building. They are typically installed at the floor/wall joint or under floor slabs and direct water to a sump system. Interior drain systems are also effective if you have severe cracking or multiple leak sources.

Sump Pump & Battery Backup Systems

A properly installed sump system can quickly and quietly drain water beneath a slab. Spartan Ram Jack installs only high capacity cast iron submersible pumps to ensure long life. Our sump wells are available with a reinforced bolted lid to allow for foot traffic should your sump system be placed in a finished area. They are also sealed to prevent unpleasant or harmful odors from coming up through the lid.

Battery Backup Units

Are also available for sump systems. This is often a nice inexpensive "insurance" against power or pump failure. Backup systems are comprised of a secondary pump, a backup battery supply and an AC charging block. In correctly sizing a backup unit, we recommend a flow rate no less than 2/3 of your primary pump. It does no good to have a backup if it will not keep up with the flow during a rain event.

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