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When you contact us to have your home ‘Jacked Up,’ what we’re really doing is stabilizing your foundation to ensure the structural integrity of your home.Helical pile

Unlike concrete repair method companies, who would repair your foundation by “over-jacking” your home, or raising it higher than level, the competent repair plans offered at Ram Jack are designed so that you’ll never have to worry about your foundation settling again.

“Over-jacking” will level your home in areas, but it will end up causing more damage and ultimately costing you a fortune. At Ram Jack, we use helical piles to sustain your home because they are the best and most efficient foundation solution. These piles, are screws that are easily drilled into areas with poor soil conditions, making them the optimal choice for our clients.

Our helical repair process drills the screw PAST the Zone of Influence (typically this zone is 12-15 feet deep). Then, we use hydraulic pressure to drive the brackets and piles up, lifting your home to a carefully calculated pressure based on the weight of the structure. This process involves a unified lift, which could be 10 piles at a time, unlike a concrete repair method company who could only lift 1 pier at a time while using the house as back pressure.

Through the use of math and engineering, we can place piles where they need to be and thenuse hydraulic pressure to accurately raise your home’s foundation. In this way, we are able to transfer the load-bearing weight to our helical piles with little damage to the soil surrounding your home. This process allows us to gain some inches back on your home but that’s not our primary goal. Our focus is always to sustain your foundation while achieving maximum practical recovery.Helical vs. concrete comparison