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When you choose Ram Jack to repair your foundation, you can expect us to handle the project from start to finish. These jobs are messy, but our process includes clean-up!

Before we even start a project, we will sit down with the home or business owner to explain the mess that’s going to be made. We’ll also touch on any problems we might run into, as well as any causes for concern the homeowner should be aware of. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Dust and debris
  • Digging holes and forming large piles of dirt
  • Cutting holes in flooring, decks and/or concrete

Each foundation repair is different, which means each mess is different. In order to minimize our invasion, we use a number of techniques to keep our workspace organized and your home clean and in order. If we’re working indoors, we ask that any valuables or furniture be removed from the room prior to starting work. We also use plastic coverings and quarter sheets of plywood to protect your flooring, walls and doors. If we’re working outdoors, we take your landscaping into consideration and cover or remove any bushes and flowers prior to beginning work.

Of course when we’re finished our work, we clean up our mess. We’ll put your plants and shrubs back and repair any concrete we may have had to make cuts into. In general, if we have to make cuts into wood or tile flooring, the homeowner is held responsible for these repairs, though we will fix the damage if it falls within our scope of experience.

At Ram Jack, our job is to sustain your foundation in a method that causes as little invasion as possible. There will be noise, debris, and dust present on the job site, but we do our best to minimize that and keep our customers happy.