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Ridgeland Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Pier and beam homes, or homes with crawl spaces, can experience foundation failure in the form of sloping floors, windows or doors that are difficult to open, or warped walls that pull away from the structure of the home.

Problems with Pier & Beam Foundations

  • They’re typically made of wood, making them susceptible to lumber deterioration.
  • The footings are generally installed shallowly and subject to soil movement.
  • There is inadequate structural support from the concrete piles used.

The most common repair for crawl space homes include the insertion of steel shims between the wood structure and concrete blocks. While this method can be a highly effective repair in the short term, it requires adjustments every few years.

Regardless of what type of foundation your home has, settling will occur when the soil the foundation sits upon can no longer support its weight. Unrepaired damage to your crawl space foundation can cause beams, floor and wall joists, and the walls themselves to shift, causing further problems with the structure of your home.

Ram Jack provides a solution that lasts.

Ram Jack of Mississippi has a permanent solution to foundation problems in crawl spaces. Installing helical piles in place of existing concrete block footings creates a load-bearing stratum for your home to rest on. This stratum is resistant to seasonal changes, providing you with the reassurance of a durable foundation.

Get the long-term solution for your homes foundation. Contact Ram Jack today.

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