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Don’t Let Your Foundation Foil Plans to Sell Your Home

You spent months getting the homestead ready to go on the market. Fresh paint on the walls, new laminate flooring in the living room – even shiny new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Despite your best efforts, however, you’re still having trouble finding a buyer. They love the new amenities – you hear words like “cozy” and “quaint” get tossed around on a regular basis – but you just can’t seem to get a contract on the house. There’s been no shortage of interest, but as soon as potential buyers see the basement, they pack up their bags and head for the hills. Maybe it’s time to take the lean out of that foundation wall. As much as you’d like to think it adds to the charm of the place, it sure isn’t helping you get out from under your mortgage.

Realtors – good ones, anyway – are well versed in identifying common foundation troubles. Even small cracks or stuck doors can be indications of more serious problems headed your way in the future. Your house might look like Monticello, but until you get it fixed that foundation will continue to be a deal breaker.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Consult With The Professionals At Ram Jack

Fixing your foundation is going to require an initial investment on your part, but it will also greatly increase the resale value on your home. And let’s be honest – as long as you keep putting off the repairs and letting your house sit on the market, its resale value to most buyers currently stands at roughly zero dollars and zero cents.

Foundation repair can be daunting to many homeowners, but for professionals it is fairly routine work. Done by a competent crew, many minor repairs can be made in a matter of days. Bear in mind that the longer you put off fixing your foundation, the more expensive the repairs are likely to become.

Foundation issues are nothing to shake a stick at. Are you concerned about the state of your home’s foundation? Contact us today for a consultation.