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Why It’s Important To Repair Foundation Issues

Being a homeowner has its definite advantages. With owning a home, you get to make it your own space where your family can thrive and make memories. On the opposite end, when you pay a mortgage, you are also responsible for fixing and paying costly repair fees.

The age, current condition, location, and weather elements are a few of the factors that can determine if and when repairs will be needed. However, there are instances where the unexpected happens.

Cracked brick foundationCommon household problems include:

  • Sloping or un-level floors: this occurs because of a compromised foundation, wood support that is deteriorating, and joists and sub-flooring that were installed wrong. Underlying structural problems, like an un-even or sagging floor, that goes unnoticed can lead to a very expensive fix.
  • Cracked sheetrock: when walls crack it is usually not serious. However, large and extensive cracking is a result of house settling, moisture underneath the home, and foundation shifting. Huge gaping cracks, wall separation, and horizontal crack lines are all signs of a major problem.
  • Cracks around windows: this is another sign of foundation problems. When gutters are installed incorrectly or when there is a gap in the foundation, water seeps into and around the foundation and can cause windows to crack.
  • Sticking doors: this can be a result of many things including house settling, erosion, soil shrinkage, and vegetation. Poor foundation from any of the above will affect your doors and windows from sticking or not shutting properly.

If you suspect any of these problems occurring in your home, you will want a professional to examine the damage and devise an affordable plan to fix it. When it comes to the structural integrity of your home, your foundation needs to be in good shape.

Ram Jack of TN has the experience to deal with the complexities of soil, the foundation as well as other components of the structure. Contact us today for a consultation of your foundation.