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New Construction Options

New construction helical pilesIf you are building a new property and interested in investing for the future, there are various options that you should consider in the new construction process. The most beneficial for any customer, that’s easy and cost-effective, is new construction helical piles.

Construction work being doneHelical piles can increase the value of a new home or building. Installing them during the construction process will prevent settlement before it starts. Piles are commonly used when the conditions of the soil are questionable and may compromise the structure.

In poor soil conditions, helical piles are used to transfer loads to the ground where there is a load barring strata.

Helical piles are shafts made from steel with helices, similar to a large screw. During the installation process, the piles are torqued into the ground with a powerful hydraulic driver. The piles are then permanently attached to the foundation below the load bearing wall of the structure.

Piles are often used to recover and sustain existing structures that have experienced settlement or foundation damage as well. Construction piles are the preferred and cost-effective way to sustain your current home or structure.

Construction work being doneRam Jack of Tennessee can help you with these new and post-construction options. This investment will save you from future headaches that would occur if your property has unwelcomed settling.

Contact Ram Jack of Tennessee and get your new construction done right.