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Your Foundation & Your Family’s Health

The importance of keeping your basement dry is crucial to the health of your family.Damaged brick wall If you have chipping or crumbling foundation, you could be putting your health at risk. The numbers of health risks that go with allowing your basement to take on water and remain damp are alarming.

Black Mold
Black mold is one of the most deadly toxins moisture in your home can pose. This is because it severely compromises the indoor air quality in not only just your basement, rather, throughout your entire house. When your foundation is penetrated, moisture makes its way into the structure. This encourages the growth of black mold spores, which are airborne and a direct cause of irritation and, in some cases, even death.

Microorganisms that are attracted to the moist environments a crumbling home foundation, like mold, become airborne. They subsequently encourage chronic nose, eye, and throat irritation. If exposed to long enough, you or your children may even afflict onset asthma.

Bodily Risk
A risk to a crumbling foundation that isn’t so invisible is the bodily risk you put to your family members. If you wait long enough and actually let your foundation physically crumble so extensively that it starts to collapse, not only will this cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, it may also put your family in harm’s way.

Risking foundation collapse will lead to complete disaster in more ways than one. This may be the most immediate and pressing reasons to contact a foundation specialist as soon as your foundation is showing any signs of structural compromise.
If your foundation integrity is compromised, your building or home stability is compromised. Looking for such signs as basement moisture or foundation cracks is imperative to ensuring a sound and long lasting foundation. The foundation of your home and safety of your family relies on it.