Sinkhole Solutions

Sinkhole Repair Solutions

The Sinkhole Formation Process

Water (H2O) falling through the atmosphere and percolating the ground dissolves carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the air and soil, forming a weak acid—carbonic acid (H2CO3 ). As the carbonic acid infiltrates the ground and contacts the bedrock surfaces, it reacts readily with limestone (CaCO3 ) and/or dolomite [CaMg(CO3)3 ]. Cavities and voids develop as limestone or dolomite is dissolved into component ions of calcium (Ca++), magnesium (Mg++), and bicarbonate (HCO3-).

Ineffective Methods in the Past

The pressure grouting process consists of the direct pressure injection of a liquefied material into voids, cracks, fractures, cavities, or even between a bearing media and a structure, foundation or bearing walls. The poor application of the grouting mixture can result in an almost virtual waste of the grouting compound. When this method is ineffectively applied the grout can squeeze through the fissures and literally run-off and be carried away by the underlying aquifer rendering the attempted solution completely wasted and useless.

Effective Used Methods

Ram Jack’s patented lift system is used to recover settlement of your home. High carbon, steel pilings are driven vertically by 70,000 lbs. of hydraulic power to an average of 22 feet below your home to anchor the structure and prevent future settlement. A hydraulic pump uses a synchronized lift to raise the affected areas of your home simultaneously to maximum practical recovery. In addition grout is pumped through the specially engineered piers to fill the existing voids. The grout solidifies around the support piers creating a permanent and effective stabilization method.

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