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Waterproofing Or Dampproofing Against Spring Showers

Waterproofing basement wallsSpring is just around the corner and everyone knows what that means. Big, torrential rain and downpours are going to be heading our way. Not to mention, in certain areas that might have gotten frost and that dreaded precipitation, snow, the melt from that can add to the moisture and water tables.

Areas with high water tables, high annual rainfall and no frost in the soil, more commonly use slab-on-grade foundations. But even these property’s foundations need safety and protection to keep moisture and liquids from traveling up from the ground through the concrete. That’s where waterproofing or dampproofing can come in.

Waterproofing a home’s foundation does the same thing as dampproofing, but is much more precise in the treatment to the concrete walls. If there is any doubt about whether or not dampproofing will do the job and last for the life of the home or property, then it’s best to spend the extra money and time to waterproof the foundation, especially for a place where there will be habitation.

Pipe on basement wallIs My House Waterproofed?

If you are worried that your new home or older property is not waterproofed properly for the upcoming season, talk to the experts at Ram Jack of TN. Ram Jack’s professionals are pledged to consistently providing the most outstanding service available in the industry today. Ram Jacks’ estimating staff is trained not only to recognize a problem (current or future), but also to offer an appropriate solution.

Ram Jack of TN is proudly serving parts of Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri with the most reliable and proven, foundation repair services in the region. For more information about services or for a professional evaluation, contact us today!