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When summer is here, cracks can appear!

Cracked bricksSummer is upon us, and with it brings new dangers to your seemingly helpless home. Foundations have problems with settling due to the soil becoming dried out and actually crumbling beneath the home. Settling in extremely dry conditions is actually more common than we think. Most foundations can be somewhat helped by keeping a soaker hose around the perimeter of your home.

“Barbour says long periods of extreme heat and low humidity suck all the moisture out of the oil causing it to shrink and separate and that can cause a home’s foundation to sink creating cracks in the floors, walls and ceiling that can only be fixed by foundation repair. Barbour also suggests regularly watering your lawn or using a soaker hose for a few hours every other day can help minimize damage.”(Springer, 2011)

Be sure to inspect your yard for cracks as well, these are signs that your soil isn’t getting the hydration it needs; this will also lead to more foundation issues. Most home owners insurance doesn’t cover foundation repair, so it’s of the utmost importance to keep up with routine inspections on your home’s exterior and interior. The sooner you catch the problem, the cheaper the repair and overall prevention of any more settling will be. If you see any cracks in or around your home, give us a call and a highly trained inspector will take a look at it and take care of you. No one wants to worry about foundation trouble in the summer, so let us do it for you.