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Winter Foundation Protection

House covered in snowIt’s supposed to be an ugly winter for most parts of the United States. In the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, snow is normally just something you find in one of your Christmas globes you decorate around your house during the holidays. But it doesn’t mean you can take the winter off from paying attention to your home’s foundation, that’s a year round job.

While you want to stay warm inside your house, bundled up all nice and cozy, the freezing temperatures can be wreaking havoc on your home. It doesn’t matter if you experience a half of an inch or 3 feet of snow, winter foundation cracks can lead to major structural problems in the future if they are not dealt with immediately.

Winter can cause the ground water in the soil around your house to expand when the temperatures start to drop. The expansion causes cracks, which if there is already a little bit of damage can make it even worse. First thing you want to do is inspect your foundation for any cracks that might be cause for warning.

Winter Protection Tips

There are a few ways to prevent winter from troubling your home. After making sure you don’t have any major foundation issues here are a couple ways to prevent future deterioration.

  • Keep the heat on consistently – Everyone wants to save money on their heating bills. But If you are keeping the heat on during the cold times, your house pipes can freeze and lead to flooding damage. Make sure you are at 55 degrees or higher during the cold months.
  • Insulate your exposed pipes – This helps with the first tip, more protection from freezing pipes. It’s an easy step and can help prevent any foundation damage.
  • Yard grading – Make sure that the water is going away from your house. If it is collecting around the base of your home that means it is rushing into basement or foundation. This will cause expansion and unwanted water damage. Fixing this can make your property more weather resistant.

House covered in snowWith these tips you can help prevent winter from ruining your home. If you do see foundation issues on your home, call the foundation experts at Ram Jack of Tennessee. Ram Jack has the experience to repair all your foundations problems. For more information contact Ram Jack today