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From the Ground Up: Benefits of Foundation Support

Keep your home or business secure with support and timely repairs

The foundation of your home plays the biggest role in keeping its structure sound. You could experience a wide variety of problems if the foundation begins settling, including cracks in interior walls, exterior walls, and ceilings; windows and doors that stick; sunken interior floors; and bowed or cracked foundation walls. Fortunately, you can turn to our professionals at Ram Jack of Indiana to have these problems corrected by opting for our foundation support service.

What Type of Foundation Repairs Are Available?

Although people have a tried a variety of techniques for stabilizing foundations over the years, most of them haven’t exactly panned out. Today there are only two methods that are used on a regular basis, and each of them can provide great results.

Concrete foundation being built1. Piering – If unstable soil is part of the problem, you can turn to piering to help correct the issue. Steel posts will be driven into the soil that has become unstable, and the foundation repair company will also use hydraulic jacks in order to sustain or raise each of the concrete slabs that have shifted from the changing soil.

2. Slabjacking – This method involves pumping grout underneath a beam or slab in order to forcefully lift it into the desired elevation.

Which Foundation Support Technique Is Appropriate for My Property?

The specific type of issue that you’re experiencing will help our professional team determine which support method is appropriate for your situation. Large-scale issues like those typical of commercial buildings and bigger houses are often remedied with piering. Slabjacking usually works best for problems associated with swimming pool decks, driveways, residential slabs, and sidewalks.

Why Is the Foundation Sinking?

There are a variety of issues that can lead to foundation sinking, including improper maintenance, expansive clay, or compacted fill soils that have compressed or were improperly laid down. Water typically causes the main issue with soil, so an undetected leak near your foundation could definitely lead to serious problems. It’s important to note that the settlement of your building’s foundation will dramatically reduce the value of your property, and it could also render the building uninhabitable due to safety issues.

Timely foundation repair is the best ways to keep minor issues from turning into massive and costly problems. If your commercial or residential building is experiencing any of these issues in the Carmel, IN, area, Ram Jack can help. Call us or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate today.