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Foundation Fixes That Are Kind to the Environment

You’ve probably heard horror stories about the effects of deferred foundation maintenance. You may have experienced some of these for yourself: In central Indiana, volatile moisture conditions and settling soils lead to major cracks in foundations and load-bearing walls as well as ancillary damages like uneven floors, broken windows, leaky pipes and even partial collapses.

Unfortunately, wholesale foundation repairs can be expensive and unkind to the environment. Let’s look at a foundation fix that won’t harm your property’s soil and water.

Environmental Drawbacks of Traditional Foundation Repair

Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, every home’s foundation needs to be shored up or replaced. Historically, the most common modes of “modern” foundation repair have included concrete injection and wholesale replacement that requires the laying of a new slab. Unfortunately, both of these methods require the use of poured concrete, a difficult-to-manage substance that poses serious environmental risks.

Construction workers on concrete foundation

While concrete itself isn’t highly toxic, it’s often treated or coated with volatile chemicals that can seep into surrounding soils or water sources during the pouring process. Additionally, the production of concrete requires huge volumes of water and produces eye-popping carbon dioxide emissions. For this reason alone, the scientific community is virtually united in recommending repair methods that don’t require the pouring of new concrete.

A Gentler Alternative

Since they don’t require huge inputs of water, fossil fuels or toxic chemicals, the pile systems that we use to repair residential foundations are far gentler on your property as well as on the atmosphere. Our piles use high-strength steel supports that leverage the natural strength of solid layers of subterranean rock to steady the weight of your entire home, including its foundation.

How Does It Work?

Ram Jack technicians working on foundationSeveral elements set our foundation repair system apart from “traditional” methods. First, we use a powerful driving head that delivers concentrated power to the rock that supports your home. When coupled with a hydraulic ram, this system allows our experts to penetrate deeper into subsurface strata and create a more durable base for your home’s foundation. In turn, this increases the fix’s effective lifespan and lessens the likelihood that you’ll need to make adjustments in the future. With 19 individual patents, our system clearly differentiates itself from less environmentally friendly options.

Turn to Carmel, IN’s Foundation Repair Experts

It should be clear that an environmentally friendly foundation fix is within your reach, but it’s critical that you select the option that best fits your home’s needs. No matter how you choose to shore up your slab, the foundation repair experts at Ram Jack of Indiana can answer your questions. Let us point you to a solution that’s fast, cost-effective and durable. For more information about what we can do for your home, request an estimate online or call (888) 332-9909.