5 Signs It’s Time for a Home Safety Inspection

5 Signs It’s Time for a Home Safety Inspection

Whether you’re concerned about the state of your home or are looking to buy a new place in the Carmel, IN, area, a home safety inspection is important. A thorough inspection performed by a professional can tell you where structural damage may be threatening the house and what repairs are necessary to fix it.

A Not-So-Solid Foundation

Crack in foundationOver time, problems can develop in the solid groundwork of your home that require professional repairs. Cracks in the walls, sloping floors, doors that stick, and windows that won’t open can all indicate problems with the foundation. Finding cracks in the basement is also cause for concern. Culprits behind these problems include settling soil, excessive dryness, and flooding.

Trouble on the Roof

Cracked ceilingWhen stains appear on your ceilings and walls, the roof is likely to blame. Missing shingles could be letting water in, or your gutters could be clogged and overflowing. You should also suspect roof problems if your heating bills are too high, as this may be a sign of poor or inadequate insulation letting warm air out of the house.

Worn Walls

Aging, cracked, and damaged siding can cause problems similar to those from roof damage. If you see signs of leaks inside, it’s time to get the outside inspected.

Infrastructure Issues

Plumbing and electricity may be causes for concern if you own an older home. Aging pipes corrode and spring leaks, leading to damp spots in the walls or ceiling, and weak water pressure. Corrosion may also cause unwanted mineral buildup in water that affects the taste and leaves stains in sinks and bathtubs. Excessive blown fuses, flickering lights, and other signs of electrical problems should be checked right away to prevent the possibility of a fire.

Outdoor Obstacles

You might not consider the outdoors when you think of a home safety inspection, but many potential problems could be lurking in the yard. A gradient in the lawn that slopes toward the house instead of away is practically an invitation for water to enter the basement, a situation that’s made even worse if you already have foundation issues. Cracking, uneven sidewalks, and sinkholes are not only dangerous but also signs that something isn’t quite right with the underlying soil.

If your home or the home you’re looking to buy shows any of these signs, give Ram Jack of Indiana a call. We’ll come out and inspect your house and property for free and determine whether you need home foundation repair or other services. With a staff of well-trained, certified specialists, we’re fully equipped to test your home and provide an accurate estimate of what it needs to stay safe and secure.