Ramjack of Indiana Investigation Backyard: Is Your Property Hiding an Ancient Threat?

Ramjack of Indiana Investigation Backyard: Is Your Property Hiding an Ancient Threat?

There might be more to your yard than meets the eye. Across Indiana, many properties sit above underground features like caverns, water tables, and other things that can create an unstable base for residential construction. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious where such hazards lie. If your home sits above an undetected threat, you could face a potential catastrophe that threatens your family’s physical and financial well-being.

The Power of Water

The destructive power of water is well documented. Over millennia, flowing water can erode even the hardest rock and create new pathways through the ground. In certain places, water that flows underground can carve out spaces in softer materials without dramatically affecting more solid rock. This is particularly common in areas that feature limestone or sandstone as a primary bedrock component. The result of persistent water flows may be the formation of an underground aquifer as well as caverns and saturated areas of loose soil that offer less support than solid rock.

What Can Underground Hazards Do?

If your home sits above such features, it may be subject to forces that don’t affect typical homes. For instance, sinkholes tend to develop in areas with limestone geography and ample supplies of underground water. Sinkholes have several causes and may be exacerbated by human influence:

• Overpumping of groundwater that results in an underground void. Eventually, the land above the void becomes unable to support its own weight and causes a collapse

• Ongoing water erosion that leaves the overlying ground exposed and prone to collapse

• Abandoned septic tanks and trash dumps that can’t support the rock above them

• Prolonged periods of drought that naturally drain the water table

How Can a Foundation Help?

A well-built foundation can counteract the potentially catastrophic impact of a sinkhole opening beneath your home. If your foundation is settling due to the presence of a nearby hazard, you may need to invest in foundation stabilization and repair. By repairing any existing damage and reinforcing your foundation with supports in the more stable rock beneath the hazard, we can extend its life and ensure that your home remains protected.

Find Affordable Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Indianapolis

If you’re worried about what’s lurking just under the surface of your yard and home, you’re not alone. Homeowners across Indiana face threats from sinkholes, underground water tables, caverns, and other hazards. Fortunately, it’s possible to protect your home without sacrificing your quality of life—or life savings. To learn more about what we can do for your house and property, visit our website or fill out our online contact form at your convenience.