How Old Can Your Foundation Get Before It Starts Succumbing to Time?

How Old Can Your Foundation Get Before It Starts Succumbing to Time?

As the old saying goes, “time heals all wounds.” Unfortunately, the passage of time can also cause serious damage to manmade structures and structural components, including your home’s foundation. As your home ages, you can expect certain things to happen to its foundation. Not all of these will be pleasant. By knowing what to expect, however, you can determine how best to address each problem before it becomes serious and expensive to fix.

What Causes Wear and Tear on a Foundation?

Unfortunately, foundations can sustain damage due to any number of factors. The most common wear-related factors include:

• Water damage that results from improper drainage or yard grading
• Damage due to tree roots and other subterranean plant structures
• Damage due to termites, ants, and other insects
• Settling or movement related to sinkholes and water-laden soil
• Damage due to earthquakes and other types of seismic activity

It’s important to note that even minor seismic events and soil settling can result in serious foundation damage. Types of foundation damage that result from these factors may include:

• Cracks that allow water to seep in
• More serious ruptures and breaks
• Sagging at one end

What Happens as Time Passes?

Over time, these issues can make themselves felt throughout the house in the form of cracked walls, sagging floors, flooded basements, and uneven surfaces. All of these issues can impact the resale value of your home.

Although it’s difficult to predict the exact lifespan of your home’s foundation, you should expect it to show signs of aging within 30 years of the building’s initial construction.

Why Is It Important to Catch These Issues Early?

Unfortunately, standard homeowners’ insurance policies may not cover more serious repair and replacement jobs related to foundation damage. It’s important to ensure that you carry such policies. Failing that, catching these issues early increases the likelihood that you’ll have a manageable repair bill that preserves the value of your home for years to come.

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Are you beginning to notice serious problems with your home’s foundation? You can only ignore the warning signs for so long. Also, it becomes more and more expensive to fix or replace your foundation as these problems get worse. If you’re ready to do something about one of your home’s most important structural elements, fill out our online contact form to discuss your situation with a trained foundation specialist. You can also browse our website for more information on the signs of foundation damage.