Foundation-Conscious Landscaping: Keeping Roots Out

Foundation-Conscious Landscaping: Keeping Roots Out

Foundation maintenance starts from the ground up. Learn the foundation-conscious landscaping tips you need to know to protect your home from pricey structural damage down the road.

The possibility of a ruined foundation is probably the last thing that springs to mind when you think about landscaping, but the two seemingly unrelated topics have a very real connection. Below your garden, potential threats such as roots and ground water could be eating away at your foundation right now. How do you know when your landscaping is a problem? Following the simple rules below can help you steer clear of mistakes that can put your foundation at risk for serious damage.

1. Prevent problems and boost curb appeal with landscaping rocks. When placed around the foundation, rock installations make maintenance a breeze by warding off insects, moisture, and weed growth. While you can buy the materials yourself, leave the installation up to professional that roots grow horizontally, so you want to give them plenty of space to stretch out. If you already have a few trees that lean against your house, don’t rush to cut them down. While planting far away from the home’s structure is ideal, it’s more of a precaution than an absolute requirement. Just because roots sit close to the foundation doesn’t necessarily mean that damage is inevitable. In some cases, roots can even turn downward when they come in contact with loose soil near the foundation.

2. To find out if your trees should be cut down or moved, call in the pros for an inspection or take a closer look yourself by digging a couple of feet down. Roots that are dangerously close to the foundation can be blocked with a root barrier or carefully pruned.

3. Water greenery on a regular basis. All plants – from grass and flowers to shrubs and trees – need a whole lot of water to survive. When moisture is scarce, their roots grow faster and farther in search of a new reserve, which can quickly put them on a collision course with your home’s foundation.

4. Install a watering system. When it comes to keeping your foundation in great shape, consistent soil conditioning is just as important as root control. When moisture levels rise and drop dramatically, the soil contracts and expands, a process that can eventually destabilize the foundation. Installing an automatic watering system takes the guesswork out of maintaining healthy moisture levels all year long.

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