Are Your Home's Stressed Joints Costing You Cash?

Are Your Home's Stressed Joints Costing You Cash?

How problems with a building’s joints can lead to unseen heat loss

Are you experiencing heat loss in your home? It could beStressed joints in home
the fault of bad building joints. These vulnerable areas are subject to failure for many reasons and should be inspected to determine if they’re the root cause of your high heating bills.

Causes of Building Joint Failure

When a structure is initially built, the joints need to be made the right size, placed correctly, and sealed well. A lack of attention to any step sets the stage for failure later on. Sealant in particular can be a problem if it’s applied to a wet or dirty surface, because it won’t adhere the way it should. Sealant that’s mixed incorrectly or not allowed to cure for the right amount of time may not stay in place.

Problems With Building Joints

when the weather turns bad. Wind, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters wreak enough havoc as it is; if the joints of your house can’t stand up to the force, something’s going to give.

Aging of joints and sealant causes cracks to form over time. Sealant may leak or sag out from between joints as a result of stress as well. Each type of damage has the potential to create spaces where heat can leak out of your home.

Pinpointing Heat Loss

Home inspectors use a variety of tests to detect heat loss in houses. These include the blower door test, where a blower door is sealed over the main entrance and its fan is used to create positive or negative pressure inside the building. The tighter your home’s joints, the less time this will take.

Thermographic inspection uses thermal still and video cameras to monitor temperature differences in various areas of your home, sometimes in tandem with a blower door test. Cold spots may indicate heat loss.

Restoring proper heat retention to your home requires professional intervention. Ram Jack of Indiana offers a full range of services including foundation repair and home inspections. Visit our website or give us a call to request a free quote. We’ll take a look at what’s going on with your home and put together a solution that works for you and ensures structural integrity in the long term.