ZipLevel to Identify Floor Problems

ZipLevel to Identify Floor Problems

Foundation problems and uneven floors are frequently joined at the hip. Correcting the one depends on first correcting the other, but measuring the level of those roller-coaster basements has traditionally been more cost- and labor-intensive than many have imagined, particularly when laser levels were the only tools available for the job.LipLevel testing floor

The Problem With Laser Levels

Although they beat the old bubble variety in numerous ways, the use of laser levels in foundation repair poses the following problems:

• Setup and dismantling are time-consuming.

• The measurement of uneven areas involves numerous positional changes and rod readings to calculate each change in elevation.

• Every visual obstruction will call for additional relocations and error-prone mathematical calculations.

• The job itself requires two men: one to locate the laser beam and a second to adjust the forms below.

How the ZipLevel Makes It Easy

The ZipLevel does away with these annoyances. Its easy-to-read measurements are error-free, and complicated mathematical calculations are never necessary. Unlike laser levels, the ZipLevel imposes no line-of-sight requirements, and therefore, obstructions are never an issue. The presence of pillars, corners, trees and trenches will never impose the need for additional setups, rod readings or differential leveling.

In addition to being more precise, use of the ZipLevel is:

• Less time-consuming. It sets up and packs away in seconds, thereby reducing any temptation to skip that all-important double-check.

• Less labor intensive. Unlike laser levels, it uses no rods and sensors, so its implementation requires no assistance.

• More cost effective. It provides a truly one-man means of finding a floor’s level, and fewer man-hours equate to lower labor costs.

ZipLevel is also adaptable. It has no need of factory calibration, so it’s always accurate and never in danger of falling out of sync in transit. There are no problems with tilted level planes or distance errors, and a press of its zero key is all it takes to establish a benchmark plane within the vertical setup range.

Perhaps most useful of all, the ZipLevel will continue to operate on one 8-volt battery for as long as a year, and this is even true when it’s used on a daily basis.

Why Does It Matter?

Ease of operation and greater accuracy translate to greater savings for the client. That’s why Ram Jack favors the use of ZipLevel for all foundation measurements. This allows us to level your foundation with the least amount of annoyance and expense. If you have any questions about the ways that ZipLevel can help cut costs on your Carmel, IN foundation repair, don’t hesitate to ask. Ram Jack of Indiana is here to help.