Durability of Steel Pilings

Durability of Steel Pilings

An (almost) indestructible construction material

As the old saying goes, nothing lasts forever. However, some things come pretty close. Relative to other construction materials, steel pilings are tremendously resistant to corrosion and deterioration. If your next construction project demands the use of stabilizing pilings, you can’t afford to look elsewhere.

The Uses of Steel Pilings

Steel pilings are required to support foundations in a variety of harsh environments for decades on end. Although pilings may be made from a variety of other materials, including timber and concrete, steel is especially sought after in areas with high concentrations of moisture or the potential for atmospheric contamination. Relative to other building materials that don’t last as long, it’s also quite cheap. Steel pilings can be found in commercial and residential foundations as well as bridge supports, retaining walls and other infrastructure projects.

Soil CorrosionSteel pilings

Steel pilings do face corrosion risks from several sources. The first of these is aerated or moisture-laden soil that may expose the pilings to dangerous water and oxygen. Steel holds up quite well to these pressures: Instead of millimeters or centimeters, the annual progress of soil corrosion in steel pilings is typically measured in microns. By properly packing the soil before we drive each pile, we dramatically reduce the potential for deterioration.

Water Corrosion

Pilings that sit in oxygenated water may be at risk for corrosion as well. This risk is far lower for pilings that push into the relatively anoxic water table beneath most areas of Indiana. Though the risk is greater in rivers and lakes that are exposed to the atmosphere, we coat our pilings in a special polymer that keeps them strong and secure long after competitors’ pilings fail.

Atmospheric Corrosion

The atmosphere is about 20% oxygen, so it’s no surprise that exposed pilings are at risk for corrosion. As a rule, though, steel pilings dramatically outlast other types of pilings. Additionally, our special coatings and durable construction reduce the likelihood that the most sensitive parts of the pilings will be directly exposed to open air. We stand behind the superiority of our products and techniques in any weather.

Your Source for Foundation Repair in Carmel, IN and Beyond

Steel pilings are integral to modern construction. Whether you need to construct a retaining wall for a hillside parking lot or support a structural foundation on unstable ground, chances are good that you’ll need their help. Thanks to the durability of steel and the superiority of our foundation construction and repair processes, you can also count on your steel pilings to provide years of great service. To learn more about what we can do for your next project, visit us online or call (317) 434-3880.