Can You Fix Your Foundation Without Uprooting Your Life?

Can You Fix Your Foundation Without Uprooting Your Life?

Tree stumpIt’s never fun to learn that your home’s foundation has a defect or flaw that requires a repair. Fortunately, new technologies and techniques have made it much easier and less disruptive to diagnose, fix and prevent all manner of foundation problems. By taking a few simple steps to reduce your foundation’s exposure to problems and addressing issues before they become serious, you can reduce the disruptions and costs associated with major foundation repairs.

Removing Tree Roots and Stumps

In Indiana, tree roots and stumps are among the biggest threats to residential foundations. If left untreated, roots can put pressure on foundations and eventually cause cracks or breaks to appear. To remove a root from a foundation, dig down to the root level and locate the point at which it enters the foundation. Once you’ve found it, cut the root close to the slab and pull the penetrating projection from the foundation with your hands or a pair of pliers. To ensure that the root doesn’t find its way back into the void, use liquid concrete or an acrylic barrier to block off the crack.

Repairing Minor Cracks

If you notice a minor foundation crack that runs vertically and measures less than a quarter inch wide, you may be able to repair it with liquid concrete, ceramic or another suitable material. SuchMinor foundation cracks materials aren’t nearly as strong as foundation-grade concrete, but they can prevent further damage for significant lengths of time. For larger cracks, call a professional who understands proper foundation repair protocols.

Subterranean Imaging

Thanks to subterranean imaging technology, it’s possible to look ahead and determine whether you might encounter new foundation problems down the road. Regularly imaging the ground around your house can help you track the growth of tree roots and identify potential water leaks or drainage issues that could cause cracks or breaches in your foundation.

The Cost of Inaction

These preventive measures aren’t free, but the cost of inaction is far worse. A major foundation repair job requires extensive preparation, and the job is likely to disrupt your lifestyle to some extent. Replacing a foundation wholesale is even more disruptive and may render your house unlivable for weeks. Like any other element of your home, your foundation will benefit from regular inspection, maintenance and care.

Affordable, Cutting-Edge Foundation Repair in Indiana

Regardless of the underlying (literally) cause of your home’s foundation damage, Ram Jack of Indiana offers a wide range of effective, affordable solutions that will get your home looking and feeling like new in no time. We’re proud to serve homeowners across this great state and pledge to provide responsive service that doesn’t interfere with your busy schedule. For a complete review of everything we can do for you, call us at (317) 401-0780 or visit our homepage.