Fortifying Old Business Facilities From the Ground Up

Fortifying Old Business Facilities From the Ground Up

What lies beneath your commercial building’s foundation?

Damaged foundation wallCommercial buildings are built on many kinds of terrain in Indiana. Floors are also composed of different materials, including brick, stone, tile, concrete, and cement. Depending on the kind of soil that supports the foundation, the composition of the foundation, and the types of floor coverings in the building, you can expect different kinds of damage to surface over time. Regardless of the type of structure, as the owner you must always be aware of its condition and need for repairs. Foundation problems that can be fixed easily could eventually cost you thousands of dollars down the line, and they may not be covered by your property insurance.

If you bought a commercial building that’s now aging and have long neglected appropriate repairs, or if you just haven’t thought about these repairs for a while, it’s never too soon to hire professional assistance. Why not dig a little deeper and explore the integrity of your foundation?

One of the easiest places to identify signs of damage to the building’s foundation is in the basement. In a climate with high amounts of snow or rain, which is common in Indiana, you can expect surface runoff to accumulate and, due to gravity, seek the lowest level on your property. This could even mean water is finding a way to flood or pool in your commercial basement.

Cracks in exterior foundationBasement damage can be caused by many factors. Before you hire a contractor, you could gather information about the quality of the soil, the design of the site’s water drainage, how well the building is sealed between the walls and the foundation, and the integrity of the plumbing. There are countless sources of leaks into the foundation and ways water damage can begin from the soil below the foundation. You can start by doing your own visual inspection, taking pictures, making notes about your concerns, and then bringing them to the attention of a reputable contractor. The worst that could happen is your commercial building is well maintained and not currently in need of foundation repairs.

It’s important to monitor the condition of the foundation of your building, looking for signs of transpiration, sloping, leaks, sinkholes, and other potential problems. Left unresolved, these kinds of problems can eventually compromise the integrity of the entire structure. If you’re concerned about problems with your commercial building foundation, contact Ram Jack of Indiana by phone or through our website.