The Health Consequences of Untreated Foundation Problems

The Health Consequences of Untreated Foundation Problems

The foundation of your home is at the mercy of the ground and the local elements, and damage can occur during seasonal changes or natural shifts in the surrounding soil. A tiny crack here or there might not seem like a major issue, but the development of mold in those cracks can potentially threaten your family’s health.

Foundation Damage and Mold

Most mold varieties are hardy and remarkably adaptable. The resilience of mold is helpful in the natural world, but you don’t want your home to become a suitable environment for mold growth. Molds have very simple needs, and an environment with moisture is the primary one. When your foundation sustains damage, moisture can start to intrude. You don’t need a small stream or a steady trickle to promote mold growth; a high level of humidity is enough to sustain some mold varieties. The kind of mold we’re talking about usually begins with a tiny crack or gap in the home’s foundation. Initially, this crack might be too small to allow moisture to enter the home, but an untreated crack in your foundation can grow quickly. Once moisture is present, the mold spores that occur naturally in the environment can find a suitable home on your drywall, flooring materials, and other surfaces.

Health Concerns and Mold

Some types of mold are highly toxic to humans and pets, and other mold varieties are capable of causing health concerns that are not related to toxicity. Exposure to mold can lead to a variety of complications, including the following:

• Delayed or immediate symptoms of an allergic reaction
• Nasal congestion
• Coughing
• Throat, eye, or skin irritation
• Symptoms of upper respiratory tract problems
• Development of asthma in vulnerable individuals
It’s important to note that some people will be more sensitive to mold than others, and your individual family members may experience different reactions. For more information about mold health concerns and conditions that are favorable for mold, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Solving Mold Problems

If you’re concerned about problems with your foundation, contact us at Ram Jack of Indiana. We provide a wide range of foundation repair services to Carmel, IN and surrounding areas. A small gap can eventually result in big problems, and an untreated foundation issue can negatively impact your family’s health.