Preparing for Commercial Foundation Repairs

Preparing for Commercial Foundation Repairs

It’s hard enough running a business in a competitive market. It’s even harder when you have to worry about issues such as road construction in front of your business or, even worse, foundation repair on your building. The thought of a commercial building requiring structural repairs can give even the most wizened business owners in Carmel, IN the willies, especially if it means unbudgeted expenses and business disruption.

Foundation Repair: Sooner Is Better than Later

Many factors can lead to foundation problems. Finding the cause is best left to qualified professionals, but recognizing the signs of structural issues is part of your job. The most obvious clues would be uneven floors, unexplained cracks on floors and walls and misaligned doors and windows. Schedule an inspection right away when these signs become evident, especially if it’s for a commercial building with a lot of daily foot traffic.

Identifying and resolving foundation problems sooner rather than later will prevent more damages. Complying with local building codes is part of doing business; you can be sure that local regulations frown on commercial activities in hazardous structures for obvious reasons.

Regulatory Requirements

Structural modifications to an existing building require building permits, which is typically part of the contractor’s service package. The project is subject to inspection and approval by a building inspector who will make sure that the repairs are consistent with current building codes and that the structure is suitable for occupancy.

Repair Project Issues

Depending on the extent of your building’s foundation problems, duration of the project can be anywhere between two days to two weeks. This can affect your business operations, revenues and relationship with your customers.

Discuss your concerns with your contractor before committing to a work schedule. Make sure that you understand the logistics involved in repairing your building’s foundation problems. Simple fixes that entail pouring concrete or applying epoxy putty could be done while the business remains open. Make sure you know beforehand how much of your parking spaces will be unavailable during the project.

Any kind of repair work involving power tools will generate noise, air pollution and construction debris. Ask your contractor if you need to secure fragile merchandise during the project. Ask for recommendations to mitigate noise and hazard problems if you intend to stay open during the repair process.

When repairs involve excavation and the addition of rebar or lumber supports, business as usual may not be an option. In such cases, it’s best to schedule the project during your business’ customary days off or after hours.

As with most projects that need to pass muster with building inspectors, wait times for occupancy permit will depend on how quickly your contractor can get an inspection scheduled.

Rely Only on Professionals

Foundation problems are serious business. Ensure that you get good advice and service by dealing with qualified and licensed professionals. Consult the foundation repair experts at Ram Jack of Indiana if you think your building has foundation issues.