Are the Cracks in Your Walls Spreading?

When is a crack more than just a crack?

Wall cracksNothing lasts forever. As your home ages, it’s natural to notice the appearance of wall cracks and other indicators of structural imperfection. While a certain amount of deterioration is normal during the aging process, it’s important to recognize when a home’s structural integrity may be seriously compromised. If you notice spreading cracks in your walls or foundation, you may need to take action.

Fix the Problem and Wait

The first step to dealing with any wall or foundation crack is sizing up – literally – the problem and attempting an initial fix. For minor to moderate wall cracks, this can typically be done with some spackle or caulk. Depending on the depth of the crack, you may need a special gun to inject the material into the wall. You’ll also need to smooth the fresh material and remove any excess before walking away from the site. After you’ve made the initial repair, you’ll have to wait weeks or months to check up on the problem.

What About Concrete Walls?

For cracks in concrete walls, a bit more know-how may be required. Most concrete cracks require epoxy for proper repairs, so you’ll need to educate yourself on the proper use of this industrial-grade material. However, the basic principle is the same: Once you’ve made an initial repair, you’ll need to wait to determine the extent of the problem.

Is It Time to Call in the Professionals?

If you notice that the repaired crack in your wall reopens or continues to spread, a foundation problem could be to blame. An uneven or compromised foundation can cause a house to settle in a manner that facilitates the spread of cracks, and it could lead to more significant structural problems. In the absence of professional attention, the house itself could become structurally unsound. If you notice new or rapidly spreading wall cracks and/or cracks in your home’s foundation, call a foundation repair expert at your earliest convenience.

Learn More About the Benefits of Foundation Repair in Carmel, IN

Whether you’re staring at a slowly widening crack in your wall or worry that the sagging floor on the lower level is indicative of a broader problem, we stand ready to provide you with a full range of foundation repair services. In fact, we can proudly say that no job is too big or small for Ram Jack of Indiana. To learn more about what we can do to protect your home or business, call or contact us online.