Is Rain Driving Your Home Into the Ground?

Is Rain Driving Your Home Into the Ground?

Preventing the sinking feeling that can lead to home damage

The solidity of your home’s foundation determines the integrity of the rest of the structure. If the foundation begins to sink, the entire house becomes compromised. Doors and windows get stuck, floors develop slopes, and cracks appear in the walls. What causes a sinking foundation, and what can you do to prevent damage?

Underlying Structural WeaknessPouring rain on roof of house

It would be nice to think that every home was built with a strong foundation, but the fact is some get off to a bad start. Improperly packed soil makes for an unstable basis for a home, a problem further compounded by poor construction. When dirt isn’t packed tightly enough, there’s room for a foundation to do one thing it should never do: move.

Extreme Weather Cycles

Whether or not the foundation is already compromised, cycles between very wet and dry weather or hot and cold temperatures can cause it to sink. These extremes create changes in the soil beneath your home. Water forcing its way through dry dirt can cause heaving and temperature fluctuations result in cracking and shifting. Without a good soil base, the foundation can’t hold the house up the way it should. Repeated weather cycles cause small changes around the foundation that add up to big problems.

Too Wet or Too Cold

Anything that puts too much water near your foundation can result in sinking. Sometimes the weather isn’t the culprit. Overwatering your lawn doesn’t just affect the grass; it saturates the soil. If there are already problems brewing beneath the surface, the extra water only makes everything worse. Plumbing leaks that spew water into the surrounding dirt may also be to blame when you find your foundation shifting.

A cycle of deep frost over the winter can cause soil to expand and contract. Come spring, if it starts to rain a lot or you start watering the lawn all over again, the soil is likely to begin to collapse on itself or absorb so much water that it starts to push up against the foundation. Either situation can result in serious damage.

Find the Cause

Spying cracks in the walls, water in the basement, or other signs of foundation trouble is a signal it’s time to call in the pros. Ram Jack of Indiana provides basement waterproofing services that can help prevent common problems that cause damage to your foundation. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We’ll assess your home and determine the best course of action to keep it safe and secure.