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Texas Foundation Repair

Texas Foundation Repair 

Did you know Texas has over 1300 different varieties of soil?  The size of the state combined with its variant topography, climate, landscape, and geography means that the soil of Texas is almost as diverse as the people who live here.  Ram Jack Texas is knowledgeable of all types of soil and how they affect your foundation, so if you’re looking for the best Texas foundation repair in the state, call Ram Jack Texas today.

A Few Examples of Texas Soils

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is composed primarily of Backland Prairie Soil, which is made up of dark, alkaline clays.  Backland Prairie Soil is often referred to as “cracking clay” because of the big cracks that form when the weather is dry.  This type of soil is especially subject to expansion and contraction depending on the weather and rain, making foundations in the area susceptible to settlement and damage.  If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and need the best Texas Foundation repair, call Ram Jack Texas today.

The Houston area is comprised mostly of Timberland Soil, a diverse type of soil with sand over clay.  Timberland Soil drains at a moderate to rapid rate, which can lead to quick foundation damage if grading around your property hasn’t been done properly.  If you’re in the Houston area and need someone to inspect your foundation, call Ram Jack Texas, the best Texas foundation repair in the state.

Ram Jack Texas – Your Texas Foundation Repair Specialist

Whether you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Waco, Tyler or Sherman, Ram Jack Texas has professionals in your area that can inspect, estimate, and repair your foundation the right way for a fair price.

Call (713) 597-8970 today, and we’ll refer you to the best Texas foundation repair specialists your area has to offer.  We’re professional, prompt, and experienced, so you can rest easy while we take care of your home.