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How to Landscape Around the House to Prevent Water

Landscaping Tips for Your Foundation

Landscaping adds to the appearance, value, and appeal of any home. When done properly, it can do even more! In fact, a properly designed foundation can actually protect your home. If you’re planning on redoing your yard or purchasing a home that needs a landscaping upgrade, consider the following factors. An improperly designed and graded foundation can lead to unwanted foundation damage and a costly repair. Here are a few landscaping tips to prevent water from getting in your basement or near your foundation.

Landscaping TipsLandscaping around house to keep water away

  • Leave a bit of foundation exposed! While it may be a little bit of an eyesore, a few inches of
    foundation should be visible around the perimeter of your home. This not only allows easy inspection of your foundation, but it also ensures that the foundation isn’t buried in moisture.
  • Don’t cover drains or moisture outlets! If you notice a small drain in your yard, it’s supposed to be there. By covering it up with plants, you may inhibit proper water drainage and cause it to flow into your foundation, which can lead to damage. At the same time, weeping holes lead moisture out of a structure. By covering them, you may have moisture buildup, which can damage any part of your property.
  • Grade away from the home! If you notice that the ground around your home slopes toward your foundation, it’s a bad sign. This may drain water directly into the foundation, where it can do damage.
  • Water plants near the home! Don’t let the soil near your foundation dry out. Keep it balanced with moisture. This will ensure minimal expansion and contraction, preventing foundation settlement.
  • Plant trees away from the foundation! The root systems of trees are nearly as large and complex as the tree above ground. This means that roots can grow horizontally toward your foundation, causing direct damage and bringing damaging moisture with them.

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Whether you’re looking for tips on landscaping to prevent water in your basement or you’re worried that your foundation may be damaged or think you need a professional inspection, call Ram Jack Texas today. We can schedule a free inspection and give you even more tips on landscaping, maintenance, and foundation repair.

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