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Foundation Repair Costs – What to Expect

Foundation Repair Costs

People call us every day asking how much it will cost to repair their foundation.  While we’d love to be able to provide a quick answer, it’s just not that simple.  Foundation repair is complex, and foundation repair costs vary according to the job.  Some repairs require minimal equipment and man-hours, while other jobs need custom pieces, special installation equipment, and a team of workers working multiple days.

What factors affect repair costs?

Foundation Repair Costs

  • Preparation – The amount of prep needed to complete a foundation repair depends on a number of things.  First, is there easy access to the repair area?  If the needed repair is taking place on the edge of a cliff where equipment isn’t easily transported, it may require more hours to complete.  Second, is demolition or excavation required?  While some of our repairs only need a quick pile installation, others need drilling, opening new holes in existing foundations, or extensive digging.
  • Engineering – As you can imagine, lifting and stabilizing the foundation in one area of a home is completely different from repairing the foundation in the wing of a commercial structure.  Depending on the type of job, custom engineering may be required.
  • Equipment – It’s simple!  Equipment costs money.  Usually bigger jobs require more equipment, which affects the foundation repair costs.
  • Unseen problems – Not all jobs are as simple as they appear.  What looks like a simple repair may be much more complicated based on underlying soil makeup, utilities in the area, or other factors.

Are there financial benefits for early foundation repair?  

The answer is yes! The price of foundation repair varies depending on the nature and severity of the issue Ram Jack Texas encounters. As a general rule, when a foundation repair is ignored for a period of time, it worsens.  This leads to increased foundation repair costs. But by fixing your foundation early, you will save money.

There are other benefits as well. Ram Jack Texas is able to finish most of our foundation repair jobs in very minimal time, often in as little as one work day.  However, when a foundation issue goes ignored, it often becomes more complicated. Waiting on a repair can result in a one day job turning into something quite a bit longer.

Getting foundation repair done sooner also provides peace of mind. If you know that your foundation has problems, it probably bugs you. You may be left wondering how long you can safely ignore it, if it will get worse, and how much it will cost.  Ram Jack Texas can take the guesswork out of this problem. We will not only tell you if there is a needed repair, but also how much it will cost, how much time it will take, and what will likely happen if you choose to ignore the problem.

What if I can't afford foundation repair? 

The better question for most homeowners is probably, “Can you afford not to repair your foundation?”. draining rain pipe

If the foundation of your home or business needs repair, it is best to take care of sooner than later. Like we mentioned earlier, foundation damage is progressive. Without intervention, it will only get worse and worse, which means it will require a more extensive, expensive, and time consuming repair.

"But how much will it cost? I don't think I can afford it." 

It is good to remember that with an unstable foundation, we are talking about the safety of friends and family. There is not dollar value that is worth more than their well-being, so it’s important to find a way to make it happen, and Ram Jack Systems is here to help.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you in a blog how much a foundation repair will cost. Each job performed by Ram Jack Systems requires unique planningengineering, and materials. Furthermore, the level of involvement varies drastically. While one job might only require stabilizing a wall, another may require lifting an entire structure with installation of a new slab.

In any case, the best solution is to get a free estimate from Ram Jack Systems. Our experts will be able to provide you with more specific answers.

If you’re worried about cash flow, Ram Jack Systems also offers several financing options. Repair your foundation and pay it off 5, 7, or 10 years at a competitive interest rate. It’s worth it to ensure the stability of your home, prevent further damage, and protect yourself, your friends, and you family.

Ram Jack Texas – Free Inspection

If you really want to know what foundation repair costs will be for your home or commercial structure, give us a call to set up an inspection.  We’ll take a look for free!  That’s a $250 value at no cost to you.  After we inspect, we’ll be able to tell you a fair price for a quality job.  And all of our work comes with a limited warranty!   You have nothing to lose.