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What You Need to Know about DIY Foundation Repair Costs

Your foundation is the most important part of your home. The stability and strength of your entire home depends on a solid, level foundation. If you see cracks in your drywall, consider foundation repair.

Can I repair my own foundation?

The answer to this depends on what type of foundation your home is built upon. Is your foundation a concrete slab or built with concrete piling? Overall, DIY foundation repair is typically restricted to cosmetic and non-permanent repair.

Some types of foundations are easier to repair than others. Once you’ve determined what type of foundation you have, you can decide how to proceed. When dealing with something as important as your foundation, it is best to hire a professional and get an evaluation on the level of damage, as well as the proper direction to proceed.

As with any DIY project, mishandling repairs may result in greater damage in the future. This is why Texas requires all foundations to be designed by engineers and has a strict code for their construction. Therefore, even if it is possible to repair your foundation yourself, you should always consult a professional to be sure repairs are up to code.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

The most common type of foundation throughout Texas and the southwestern United States is a concrete slab foundation. Unfortunately for passionate DIYers, repairing a concrete slab foundation is not as easy as filling visible cracks

Repairing your concrete slab may not address the actual cause of your foundation problem, which is likely deep underground. Even though it is possible to fill cracks in a concrete slab, this is a cosmetic fix, rather than foundation repair. Permanent foundation repair would include professional structural analysis and informed planning to add strength to your home’s foundation. 

In fact, a professional repair could end up being more cost-effective. Since a cracked foundation is buried underground and you have no direct access to the concrete, repairing a slab foundation is usually a job for a professional. We do not recommend attempting DIY slab foundation repair.

If you notice that your slab foundation is cracked or is causing drywall cracks inside your home, call Ram Jack for a professional evaluation. We will provide a full elevation profile of your home, showing the areas of damage, and provide you with a plan to repair your foundation.

Dangers of DIY Foundation Repair

In addition to cost, there are other risks associated with foundation repair. Buckling and shifting may occur, which could injure you during your repair process. Working in a cramped area like a crawl space may force you into awkward positions, causing injury. In cases where your foundation is sinking, it's best to bring in a professional because of the severity of damage that can occur. DIY sinking foundation repair can result in a false sense of security while issues with structural damage, water damage, mold growth, and decreasing property value become more likely. 

Always consult with a foundation repair specialist if you’re concerned about damage to your foundation. They can assist you with repairs and will suggest a course of action when it comes to serious damage. A professional plan of repair will save you money in the long run.