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Types of Foundations

The foundation your home sits on is very important. The job of a foundation is to transfer the home’s load to the underlying soil or rock, without causing any movement or excessive settlement. Movement of the soil underneath your foundation can cause damages. There are different foundation types you can build your home on.They each will have a different effect on your home.

Types of Foundations

Slab on Grade– These types of foundations are usually shallow. Slab on grades are generally reinforced concrete that do not have basements. These types of foundations can be built rather quickly and are relatively inexpensive to build. The primary function of the slab on grade is to move up and down with the shrink and heave that may occur underneath your foundation. Due to the shallow foundation they can be susceptible to movement when the weather and season change.

Pier and beam foundation- These are made of concrete footings and piers. They usually have crawl spaces underneath the home and support wood frames.

Basements– For basements builders will dig out for a basement and build basement walls that provide the support for the home. The bottom of the basement is generally below the depth over which the majority of the soils shrink or swell happens. Lateral movement in the soil below the basement can cause heave. Deep foundations go to depths that are generally not affected by seasonal changes. They are considered to be out of the “zone of influence.”

Choosing from the different foundation types your home is on is very important. Be sure and check around it for any signs of damages. There are many things that can cause damage to your foundation. If you suspect that you have damage there are certain things you can look for. If you have any more questions on the different types of foundations, or if you see any signs of foundation damage, be sure and contact us.