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Bowed Walls

There are several different things that can cause bowed walls. Sometimes the soil outside of the wall can put pressure on the wall. This added pressure can cause the wall to bow. Pressure can also increase when clay swells because of high Bowed wallswater content. This causes the clay to expand, which puts more pressure on the wall. Bowed walls can also be caused by foundation settling.

There are some signs to look for if you think that you have a bowing wall. In most cases a long horizontal crack will form near the center of the wall. The pressure being put on the wall will cause it to bow. There are more signs of foundation damage that you should check for.

Repairing bowed walls

There are some common solutions to repairing a bowed wall:

Helical Anchors– These are helix anchors that are battered into the ground at the angle appropriate to the wall. A plate is attached on the inside of the wall to help support the bowed wall.

Helical anchors offer several advantages

  • Can be installed no matter the weather condition
  • Can be installed in areas of tight access
  • Predictable capacity of holding
  • Minimal disturbance to the interior of the home
  • Clean installation
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • National lifetime warranty

Brackets and Tiles– If foundation settling is the cause for your bowed wall, brackets and tiles can be installed to prevent the foundation from any more downward movement.

Yard Work– Doing some yard work around your home can also help a bowed wall. Make sure that roof and ground water is directed away from your foundation. Excess water can cause the foundation to expand. The general recommendation is to have all downspouts at least 10 feet away from the foundation wall. If you have any trees that are too close to a foundation they should be removed. Tree roots can spread around the foundation and cause damage.

There are even more steps you can take to try and help maintain your foundation. If you have a bowed wall, or if you notice any other type of foundation damage, be sure and contact us.