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Problems With Your Brick Walls

Brick walls are a staple of construction. While brick is strong, it also has other added benefits. Throughout history brick has been able to withstand the test of time. It is completely natural and is made of clay and shale. Also it can add moisture control, act as a fire barrier, and protect against strong winds. For all of these reasons it is not surprising to see homes that are made with brick.

The walls of your brick home can tell you about the health of your home, and especially the health of your foundation. Foundation damage can be caused by several different things. So this means that it is important to check around your home at the brick and mortar every now and then to see if you notice anything wrong.

Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Brick

You should look around for any cracks around the mortar of the brick wall. Small cracks aren’t always a problem, but large cracks can signify that you have foundation issues. Check for a large crack that spans the height or length of the wall. While you are looking for cracks in your brick, be sure and look around your home for other signs of foundation problems.Cracked brick wall

Also be sure and check for separation of the brick wall from doors and windows. When foundations settle they can bring walls with it. As the walls move they separate from windows and doors. This can lead to air moving in and out freely, which could raise your utility costs.

If you notice any of the problems mentioned with your brick walls, or if you have any other question about foundation problems, be sure and contact us.

By getting in touch with Ram Jack Texas Foundation Repair you can attempt to avoid major problems down the road.